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Scrivener for Thesis Writing:Getting Started on Writing (or death to the blank page)

As a thesis writer, I’ve discovered a lot about writing, myths about writing and even some pedagogy about writing. I’ve received much advice about writing and struggled with it. The best books I’ve read has been Kamler & Thomson 2014 … Continue reading

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Advice: How to quote non-anonymous Research participants in an academic journal?

When I wrote my Ethics Application- I felt very strongly that my research participants should have the choice to be anonymous or not  “The research participants will be able to decide on the consent form if they wish to be … Continue reading

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Ethics Applications – Human Research

  If you are studying at a university in Australia and proposing to do research with human subjects- then inevitably you will have to complete a Ethics Application. This isn’t just for medical research but anything that involves humans – … Continue reading

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Anonymity of your Participants

A recent footnote in my Nvivo Qualitative Research book (Bazeley and Jackson, 2013) states “ if the source is an interview or similar, we would suggest that you substitute pseudonyms….it reduces the risk of breaking confidentiality” p. 33 I found … Continue reading

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