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Summer Reading – learning to work with Feedback

Take a deep breath. No-one likes to have their precious writing critiqued, and it can be very easy to feel defensive and annoyed. But remember a condition of academic writing is that we expose ourselves to critique. We must learn … Continue reading

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Scrivener for Thesis Writing: Using Synopsis as a Topic Sentence checker

Topic Sentences are important in academic writing.  The Thesis Whisperer has blogged about “The Zombie Thesis” and how a lack of clear topic sentences can make your thesis, well, zombie like. Luckily, Scrivener has several awesome built-in features that makes regular checking … Continue reading

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Scrivener for Thesis Writing: Comments, Footnotes and Inline Annotations

Comments, Footnotes and Inline Annotations should all have different purposes when you are writing a thesis. A previous post discussed how to use Project Notes and Document Notes to keep your thought organised as you write your thesis. I recommended using … Continue reading

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Super Boring phrases for academic writing

I’ve been trying to write lately- write my thesis, write (re-write) a Journal article that  I drafted 3 years ago  and in re-reading some of what I’ve written – I’ve realised that it is boring as batsh*t – Ugh – … Continue reading

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