How long is a piece of string? How long should Data Analysis take?

I didn’t make a time plan for data analysis. I didn’t really know I had to!

How did I miss this vital part of Phd research planning? How did my Institute even let me pass my Doctoral Assessment?!!!

So here it is

experienced researchers…routinely recommend allowing a working period for analysis of data that is two to five times as long as the period taken to make arrangements and gather data (Footnote, page 76. Bazeley and Jackson 2013).

That means my data ANALYSIS should have taken 2- 5 years at least. Perhaps it explains why I am still here at the moment!


About Sarina Kilham

I'm a Doctoral Researcher at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney. Trained as a social scientist and with a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture, I'm interested in farmer's experiences of growing feedstock for biodiesel production. My research has focused on biodiesel production in Brazil and Timor-Leste. Also on Twitter @sarinakilham and blogging at
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